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One Design Tale is a creative design agency with focus on representation, distribution and marketing of interior brands.


At One Design Tale we stand for a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for perfection.

Our mission is to source a curated selection of established & new brands and present them to you on one platform to help you in the process of finding something special to add that extra spark to your home decor.


Our aim is to support you in the process of creating an environment that is nourishing and in which you can fully recharge. We believe that being conscious and thoughtful of how you live and what you are surrounded by can fill you with joy and content everyday. 

We aim to foster wellbeing and promote and facilitate mindful living through

Collaborations with Exclusive Interior Brands

Collaborations with Interior Designers & Architects

Collaborations with Holistic Businesses focused on Mindfulness 

We are eager to support interior visionaries with expert knowledge, dedication, understanding.

and consistency.

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Are you a brand, architect or interior designer and would like to work with us?
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